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Esports Tracker

The Here East esports Investment Tracker is the first and most in-depth analysis of investment activity in the British esports startup landscape. Measuring the investment secured by fast-growth British esports businesses, it identifies those attracting the most impressive funding, and highlights the performance of those driving growth within the British industry.

2020 Record Year for esports Startup Investment


Funding Analysis

  1. £138 m

    Since 2011, British esports startups and scaleups have raised £138m

  2. £132 m

    Since 2015, British esports startups have raised £132m

  3. £85 m

    Since 2019, British esports startups have raised £85m

  4. 42 m

    In 2020, British esports startups raised £42m – an all-time record for the UK

  5. 15.4 m

    In 2021, there have already been 8 deals worth £15.4m

  6. 97 rounds

    Over the last ten years there have been 97 British esports funding rounds, 45% of which happened in the last two years

Top five esports startups by funding raised

  1. 51 m


  2. 22 m


  3. 20 m

    Guild eSports

  4. 9.9 m

    Ginx TV

  5. 6 m


Turbo-charging the future of UK esports

I am confident that London can become a global capital for esports innovation, and that esports will become a defining sector for the UK over the next decade, driving job creation, and investment in the country’s economic recovery.” Gavin Poole, CEO of Here East

The last two years have seen record-breaking investment into the UK esports industry, and the sector only shows signs of continuing acceleration. Esports teams, venues and production companies across the country are all benefiting from substantial growth alongside the expansion of eSports start-ups and scale-ups.

Esports has become an important vertical for Here East over the past few years. And we are uniquely placed in our position to help realise the full potential of the UK industry and catapult it to global standing. As a super-connected site with Olympic legacy, and home to global esports events, eSports and gaming businesses – including BT Sport, Sports Interactive and Bidstack – as well as esports undergraduate education at Staffordshire University London, we have all the required elements for driving the industry to the next level.

Through harnessing the creative talent, state-of-the-art venues, plus technical and gaming expertise on offer here, the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is rapidly becoming a competitive esports cluster: the one to watch for the future. And the Here East esports Investment Tracker – as a leading-edge tool to help all stakeholders in and followers of this dynamic sector track trends, funding and gain advanced market insights – will prove invaluable in boosting further investment.

Company Analysis

  • Fnatic is the most successful British esports, having raised £51m since it was founded
  • There are 43 fast growth esports businesses in the UK
  • 67% of these businesses are based in London
  • Westminster and Camden are the esports hubs in London with 7 fast growth esports businesses each

Here East has committed to leading a major new initiative to accelerate the growth of an esports cluster on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. A new report published by Here East and Arena Consultancy, and supported by the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) has outlined a roadmap to create a world-class esports cluster that will drive job creation and bring an industry worth $180bn globally to east London.

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to create world-class esports cluster

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