17.01.18 - 28.02.18 Exquisite Garden

Admission: Free

Exquisite Garden
10am - 5pm (Mon-Fri)
17th Jan- 28th Feb 2018
Cloud Cuckoo Land Gallery,
Here East Press Centre
Unit 1, (opposite Here East bus stop)
East Bay Lane
Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park
E15 2GW 

As the end of year 2017 drew to a close the news from all quarters is as dark as the winter nights. The effect of the multiplying human population with our rapacious appetite for consuming on the jewel like, teaming biodiversity of nature is increasingly dramatic. From our cinemas comes images of dystopian futures playing out narratives of cyborg digital virtual realities replacing the bare bark of the woodland filigree.

Our January exhibition at Cloud Cuckoo Land alludes to the darkness in our future as well as the light that comes with spring and new growth. An Exquisite garden of delights as over 24 artists reveal the garden in us all. From an abstract entirely digitally constructed pocket park to a headdress of endangered bird feathers the exhibition delights and unsettles in equal measure.


Artists: Kate Atkin · Sir Peter Blake · Mat Brown ·  Rob and Nick Carter · Steven Claydon ·   Dexter Dalwood · John Dolan & George the Dog ·  Joe Duggan · Linda Felcey ·  Livvy Fink · Alice Herrick  · Rebecca Jewell ·  Jimp ·   Rachel Megawhat · Lee Maelzer ·  Caberet Mechanical Theatre  · Gavin Turk · Jarek Piotrowski · Paul Sakoilsky · Francis Upritchard · Kristina S. Williams

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