05.03.18 - 27.04.18 Cartography

Venue: Cloud Cuckoo Land - Press Centre

Admission: Free

Cloud Cuckoo Land’s latest exhibition opens to the public Monday 5th March - Friday 20th April. 

Their forth exhibition builds on The House of Fairy Tales second portfolio, Cartography by inviting guest artists Paul Noble and Grayson Perry to join us at Cloud Cuckoo Land for a celebration of the illustrated Map.

Much like the worlds encompassed in the great works of fantasy literature or digital environments, the exhibited maps help describe the lay of dreamlike lands and visualize a psycho-geography that brings otherworldly characters and surreal beliefs to life. This combination of science, aesthetics and technique transports the viewer to the worlds within worlds giving a sensibility and avoir to our alternate reality.

From the exploration of mass communication and social structure to following a lonely wanderer off into the wilderness of pencil-marked territory, there is a map for everyone.

Artists: Grayson Perry · Paul Noble · Adam Dant · Sir Peter Blake · Andrew Rae · Nigel Peake · Stephen Walker · Rob Ryan · Christa Dichgans · Heidi Whitman · Claire Brewster · Susan Stockwell · Cat Roissetter · Josh Knowles ·


10am - 5pm (Mon-Fri)










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