23.06.19 / 11am Open House Families

Venue: Here East, Press Centre Reception

London's free architecture festival for children and their families. Explore how buildings, places and cities are made at locations throughout London! Drop-in and enjoy a day of free activities.

Get creative! Or get constructive...
Suitable for ages 0-5

Create your own slide sculpture inspired by Anish Kapoor. Help build a giant street mural with colourful pencils & collage buildings.

Go green! Re-imagine the city
Suitable for ages 10+

Help re-imagine the city as a greener place to live, add grassy parks and greenhouse topped shops to form a gigantic green city.

Light and colour play
Suitable for ages 5+

Transform Here East with architects Hawkins\Brown by creating patterns and skylines on the ground floor glazing of the building.

Rubbish chairs with scale rule
Suitable for ages 5+

Can you create your own chair using only recycled rubbish? And how long can you sit on it without it collapsing?

The big LEGO build!
Suitable for all ages

Get the whole family involved to build the tallest structure. Once completed you can add it to our LEGO metropolis!

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