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Welcome to one of the most connected buildings in Europe, where makers, thinkers, visionaries and technologists will come together to experiment, build and create.

Access to reliable broadband has become one of the most pressing business challenges facing London. Poor infrastructure has hampered the Tech City cluster since day one and internet connectivity remains a point of national importance, critical to the growth of our economy. According to the startups and SMEs in Tech City UK’s report Tech Nation, access to talent is just as important as access to broadband. In fact, 89% reported that strong technical infrastructure was a key reason for their location, yet London’s broadband remains cripplingly slow, expensive and unreliable.

Whilst the Silicon Roundabout inherited poor infrastructure and building restrictions making broadband installation a time consuming, pricey process, Here East sits at the crossroads of one of London’s largest data centres and has unrivalled access to networks. We recognise that in a digital economy, a high-performance, resilient network connection is essential, so we want our future residents and the existing local businesses to benefit from this uniquely connected building.

Take a look at our video to learn more about how connected Here East is:

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