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Take a look at our festive installations from Accent London, Jamie Barrett and Seth Beer

The holiday season has officially begun, as trees go up and sparkly lights adorn shop windows, it’s time for us to reveal the winners of our festive Makers Project. After reviewing an overwhelming number of fantastic applications, we’re excited to share that our new installations. The glowing gifts and circuit board inspired snowflakes dotted around campus come from design studio Accent London, while ‘Further Art’ the interactive Christmas tree at the Steel Mill, is a collaboration by artists Jamie Barrett and Seth Beer.



We caught up with Seth to hear a the story behind his Christmas tree installation:

Q: Could you tell us about the people behind the idea?


A: Both Jamie and I have been making art on and off for many years and have always wanted to collaborate on something together. Now due to a few circumstances this brief has come along at the perfect time. Jamie is predominantly a sculptor and I’m a coder, developer and maker but there is a great cross over from our favoured disciplines. We always thought that we could merge the creative and scientific with great effect. This brief gave us the opportunity to build something beautiful that also had an interactive element.

Q: What are the interactive elements?


A: The installation will have a proximity sensor hidden away in the base that will be logging each time somebody walks past the tree. There will be six hand-cranked music boxes in the base that will be played at almost random times throughout the day. Depending on weather and atmospheric readings the piece will attribute the person passing by to one of the given music boxes. Once a given number of people has passed by the tree it will play one of the music boxes for around 10 seconds. Lights running up the sides of the tree will illuminate brighter and brighter to give a visual indication of how close the tree is to playing one of the music boxes. All the information about how many times somebody has walked past the tree and how many times each music box has been played will be logged and displayed by a supporting website. It's constructed from reclaimed wood, plastic and metal so it will have an industrial and contemporary look similar to the Here East space. 

Revealed to the world last week with a glass of fizz, a festive market and some amazing live music you can now come and see the tree for yourself at the Steel Mill reception. What song will it play for you?

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