8 months, 1 week ago Making public art with Gavin Turk

Watch our mini-documentary about how we worked with local legend Gavin Turk to open the door to the Hackney Wick artistic community with his new sculpture: L’Age d’Or

Here East has always been on a mission to create a strong relationship with the creative community that envelopes us. With the rich and vibrant creative heritage of East London, we want to be a part of keeping the culture alive for many more years. 

With all the development that’s happening in Hackney Wick, it’s important that artists are not forgotten but brought along on the journey with opportunities for collaboration and partnerships. We’re working with SPACE studios, founded by artists in 1968, to create The Gantry, a creative hive made up of specialist studios. We’re also working with renowned choreographer Wayne McGregor who’s launching a world-class arts space where artists can experiment, learn and create at Here East.

Our door is open to the artistic and creative communities that surround us, and working with local hero Gavin Turkwe’re welcoming this community into Here East with the first major piece of art we’ve commissioned: L’Age d’Or. 

L’Age d’Or, which sounds like ‘large door’ in English but means ‘the Golden Age’ in French, is a piece of public art created by Gavin Turk, for everyone to come and interact with.

Patrick Morey-Burrowsthe art curator who connected Here East with Gavin Turk, thinks the piece is a perfect fit. “A door becomes a barrier, but an open door is completely the opposite. It’s the transition of space, and to me that’s exactly what Here East is all about.”

Go behind the scenes and hear from Gavin himself in our mini-documentary, bet you can’t guess what L’Age d’Or is actually made of:

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