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Why we’re so excited about the emphasis on artificial intelligence in the UK Digital Strategy

At Here East, we believe in the rich possibilities that come from mixing human intelligence with artificial intelligence to augment what we’re capable of. The announcement that the Digital Strategy will inject funds into researching artificial intelligence shows that the Government is making a serious commitment to the future of innovation in the UK.

We believe that the intersection of different talents and disciplines along with world-class facilities will shape that future. In our 1.2million square foot campus, we’ve crafted a space that brings together creative design, world-class manufacturing, advanced technological research, art, performance and diverse entrepreneurs.

Research into AI already plays an important role on our campus and with Accenture predicting that AI has the potential to add £654 billion to the UK’s economy by 2035, we’re proud to say that on site, we’re already seeing cross-sector collaborations with APC and HSSMI embedded at Loughborough University London researching autonomous vehicles and robotics alongside engineering students.

Overview of Artificial Intelligence at Here East:  

Loughborough University London, will contribute to a new £11 million programme aimed at developing research into robotics and artificial intelligence. They are also home to the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) and independent manufacturing innovation institute HSSMI.

APC’s Digital Engineering & Test Centre brings together the automotive and digital communities to explore how the automotive sector could benefit from collaboration with London’s digital sector.

Our innovation centre: Plexal will bring entrepreneurs, particularly those with a hardware focus, creating products in the fields of virtual reality, wearables, connected products, the Internet of Things, data analytics, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. With over 800 members, there will be fertile ground for collaboration.

In May, the UCL Bartlett Faculty will open its doors. Students will take new courses combining architecture and engineering. By blending these disciplines for the very first time – mixing the experiential and the analytical, the digital and the real – students will learn how to build a society fit for the future. They will also undertake groundbreaking research in areas including robotics, transport and manufacturing.

Alongside these education, research and innovation spaces we’re also home to creativity with SPACE Studios and Studio Wayne McGregor joining us, our door is open to the artistic community that surrounds us.

With such a transformative industry like AI, it’s more important than ever to make sure people from different disciplines have the opportunity to come together and shape the future. We can’t wait to see what comes out of the collaborations at Here East.

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