1 year, 11 months ago UK Robotics Week

We hosted a series of workshops ahead of UCL’s arrival at Here East to introduce our community to some of the robots that will be developed on site.

To kick off UK Robotics Week, UCL organised a pop up event where students were introduced to KUKA youBot, a small, fun and versatile robot. The KUKA youBot is an educational research robot that’s been designed specifically for development and education. It’s an open platform that’s operated with open source software and enables researchers, developers and robotics students to write their own software, learn from each other and configure the hardware to suit their needs.


Their new home at Here East is UCL’s first campus outside Central London. On site, we’ll see architects, engineers, computer scientists, mathematicians, anthropologists and more working side by side, collaborating with nearby entrepreneurs and creatives. The new building will house a number of research facilities to enable studies in architecture, infrastructure, real estate, transport, robotics, healthcare, manufacturing and environmental measurement.


Laurence Wilson, the Communications Officer of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering at UCL said “It’s been fantastic. It’s really nice to see people from the local area engaging so well in different technology that we’ll be bringing here. We have a lot of robotics at UCL that we’ll be bringing. We’re opening a new course Engineering and Architectural Design with the Bartlett School of Architecture so it’ll be in conjunction with that, as well as the robotics that we’ll be moving over here so these robots are a part of our department.”.


Luke, a student from Raines Foundation School in Newham said: “Personally, I want to be an actor but robotics and space have always intrigued me and I hope to work with them on set one day. The robot here today is amazing, I didn’t even know that things like that were possible. It’s amazing to think that we, as a species, are already capable of building things like this.”.


These workshops were a taster of what UCL is bringing to Here East, we can’t wait to see what they develop on site and we’re already looking forward to UK Robotics Week 2018.


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