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Loughborough University London has now opened the bidding for the 2018 Open Fund, in line with Loughborough University's Community Donations Fund scheme.

The 'Open Fund', which allocates a total of £5000, allows local community groups and organisations to apply for funding of up to £1000.

Launched in 2009, the annual Community Donations Fund has already supported a large number of community groups and voluntary projects close to Loughborough University’s campus in the East Midlands. Now, the Fund is looking support local groups and communities in the neighboring areas of the London campus, based inside Here East on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Successful bids have previously included funding for local youth and support groups, soup kitchens, residential care homes and schools.


Deadline to apply: 31st May 2018


For more information and to submit an application, please visit the Loughborough University London website.


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