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Provide a safe and secure environment for all staff, tenants, visitors and contractors, following instructions from Security Control Room and the designated Shift Manager, whilst leading with a service excellence approach in line with the site Assignment Instructions and Standard Operating Procedures.

Primary Duties:

  • Providing service excellence to staff, visitors and VIP’s that attend the campus.
  • Overseeing fire alarm activations (must be confident in fire marshal duties as well as operating fire panels) and assisting with fire evacuations
  • Problem solving and prioritisation skills
  • Overseeing documentation such as daily check
  • Oversee electronic documentation including E-DOB, Genetec, Datastation, EverBridge, SharePoint and Locale.
  • Operate and observe CCTV and perform CCTV patrols in compliance with best GDPR practises
  • Oversee the deployment timetable ensuring Officers are deployed to their correct tasking or to areas of concern / respond to suspicious activity

Requirements: SIA Door Supervisor and CCTV licenses

Interested? To apply, please contact:

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