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Hawk Lenses

A fresh take on the traditional hire business model

"As a cinematographer working in the industry for the past decade I, like many, have often desired using Hawk lenses on many British projects. It's exciting to be part of making Hawk and Vantage lenses accessible to fellow filmmakers by helping create the new and first home for Hawk in the UK. Hawk London is a fresh take on the traditional hire business model, giving our highly creative customers an environment to comfortably test and prep in a functional yet relaxing setting.”

Charles Heales, Hawk London

Providing fast and uncomplicated support to filmmakers in the UK

Vantage Film is a developer and manufacturer of film lenses and one of the most sought-after full-service rental providers of camera equipment and film technology worldwide. The company supports film and commercial productions all over the globe with an extensive pool of rental equipment, sophisticated logistics and uncompromising service solutions. The HAWK® lenses produced by Vantage Film are considered leading-edge and enable filmmakers to translate their artistic visions into compelling visual statements. Since Peter Martin and Wolfgang Baumler founded Vantage Film in 1993, the company has aspired to set standards of excellence and unleash the creative power of its customers. Vantage Film is located in Weiden (HQ), Berlin, Leipzig, Prague, Paris, Brussels, Marrakech and Los Angeles, employing around 100 staff.

"At Hawk, we're proud of our 30-year track record of constant lens innovation, our success has always fueled our further endeavors. Throughout that time, we've worked with major British producers on the biggest projects, from Star Wars right up to The Little Mermaid. With Hawk London, we're putting down roots in the vibrant UK market, and looking forward to continued success in tandem with our partners there and around the globe."
Peter Martin, CEO and co-founder of Hawk

  • A new home for Hawk in the UK

Hawk London

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