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Schools and colleges are invited to attend the launch of the Connect U scheme, at Staffordshire University’s new campus, Digital Institute London at Here East.

Staffordshire University has extended its award-winning institution from the Midlands to the European Capital of Technology with a brand new campus dedicated to new and emerging technologies – Digital Institute London.

The team at Digital Institute London want to get to know their new neighbours and work with together to deliver a new scheme called Connect U to raise the aspirations of young people in London. Connect U will combine academic skills with soft skills like resilience and team working as well as promoting well-being and career opportunities, all of which will help you meet the new Gatsby Career benchmarks.

Staffordshire University will be hosting an event at their new campus on 25 September from 14.00-18.00 for you to find out more about the scheme and what it could mean for your students, as well as having a tour of the new facilities.

Programme of activity:

14.00 Arrival and Registration

14.30 Welcome to Digital Institute London

14.45 Connect U - a progression agreement for the future

15.00 Subject Talks

  • Esports
  • Cyber Security
  • Games PR and Community Management
  • Games Design

16.00 Refreshments

16.30 Q&A session

17.15 Explore the space, sign up for ConnectU or take part in our hands on activity

18.00 Event Close

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