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We are proud to launch our 2021 Impact Report showcasing economic and social impact within the local community in the face of the challenges posed by the global health pandemic.

Following recognition for Project of the Year and Commercial Building of the Year at the inaugural RICS Social Impact Awards, the Here East Impact Report 2021 outlines the social impact, highlighting the continued positive contribution to society through programmes and initiatives led by Here East and tenants to increase access to education and employment for local communities.

With a continued commitment to creating job opportunities for young people across the campus, the growth of tenants during the pandemic has created new jobs for local people in East London. We are actively recruiting local talent, offering job placements for young people through its Scholarship Programme and there are also 13 tenants recruiting for local talent – making the campus one of the biggest employers in the local area.

Education is central to the Here East Impact Report 2021, our recently launched Scholarship Programme in collaboration with Staffordshire University London and LMA supports three local students to enter higher education every year for the next five years.

The report highlights our commitment to increasing access for people with disability. Here East is now home to the East London Inclusive Enterprise Zone, which promotes startups developing disability-led innovation as well as Scope, the disability equality charity and the Global Disability Innovation Hub.

The Impact Report also features Humans of Here East, individuals whose work during the global health pandemic has provided invaluable support to local communities. These heroes include Nana Badu, whose company, Badu Sports, delivered free meals throughout the pandemic to local families.

Download the Here East Impact Report


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