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Innovation has always been crucial to progress, for both society and business – but today, faced with the rapid proliferation of AI, we find ourselves at a fascinating crossroads. Do we push back on innovation or do we embrace it?

AI’s double-edged sword has compelled experts and leaders to take to the floor and debate this question. Some are warning against the technology’s existential risks, while others are focusing on its potential, highlighting its ability to revolutionise the healthcare system and grow the economy.

ChatGPT in particular has captured the world’s attention, gaining notoriety for its conversational capacity as well as its impressive store of knowledge, data, and dare we say - creativity. The power of the tool lies not only in its efficiency and productivity but in its accessibility. People all over the world have been playing with the model – writing essays, researching work projects and engaging in human-like conversations.

But with this trailblazing technology now at our fingertips, alarm bells are starting to sound. Are we looking at a future in which technology enhances the human experience, or replaces us altogether?

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Without proper regulation, these innovative advancements have the potential to be misused. With a steady drumbeat of AI software - made accessible to the consumer - launched week after week, it is of no surprise that AI and industry experts, alongside Elon Musk, are urging a sixth-month pause to AI advancements, citing a ‘risk to humanity’.

However, rather than slamming the brakes on AI and innovation; we should instead proceed with caution. We should acknowledge the warnings and hesitations while taking time to address biases, diversify databases, and most importantly, train people on how to use the technology for good.

Innovation has immense power, and we should embrace it with a discerning eye in order to unleash its full potential. Let us continue listening to the experts and establishing guidelines so that we can move towards a future in which technology and humanity work together.

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