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I am a mature student. Am I still eligible to apply?

Yes, there is no age restriction as long as you still meet the other eligibility criteria.

How long must I have lived/attended school in one of the boroughs to be eligible to apply?

A minimum of 3 years.

I am classed as an international student for the purposes of tuition fees. Am I still eligible to apply?

Unfortunately not. This scholarship is for students who have UK/Home fee status.

What if I don’t live in the borough but went/go to school there?

You need to be living currently in the borough currently and have done so for a minimum of 3 years.

What happens if I am offered the scholarship and then decide to defer my course for a year? Will I still receive the scholarship?

This scholarship is for 2021/22 academic year. We will not accept deferrals but you can reapply next year.

Will I have to repay the scholarship if I drop out of the course?

You will not be required to repay the cost of your tuition fees, but you may be required to repay some of your living costs (see terms and conditions). This will be assessed on a case by case basis.

If I am awarded the scholarship, what will being an ambassador involve?

Here East and the universities will work with you to support with future recruitment and outreach of the Here East Scholarships. This might involve going in to schools to speak with students about the scholarship or joining us at suitable industry events or workshops.

Do I have to do a work placement as part of the scholarship?

You will not be obliged to take up a work placement if you do not wish to, but we will do our best to facilitate one that will be beneficial to your career and we hope you will want to take it up.

Can I choose where to do my work placement?

We will aim to facilitate a work placement for our scholarships winners within one of the companies based on the Here East campus. We will take the time to understand your career ambitions and find something that will support those ambitions. If you are not happy with the options available you are free to find an alternative which we will aim to support.

Once I have submitted my application, how will I know it has been received?

You will receive an automated email when you submit your application. If you do not receive this, please check your Spam folder first and if you still have not received anything you can contact us to confirm that we have received your application.

Am I eligible for the scholarship if I already have a degree and this will be my second undergraduate degree?

Unfortunately not. This scholarship is only for students applying for their first undergraduate degree.

What subjects does the scholarship cover?

Please check Here East scholarship prospectus for courses on offer.

You can download the Here East Scholarship Prospectus here.

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