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Join esports and games brands, pro teams and athletes, higher education agents, along with the fan community, all coming together for a unique three-day epic esports gathering.

Stack Fest will encompass three streams across three days; day 1 (9th September) hosts Esports Ambition for industry, Talent Aspiration (10th September) led by Education Partner Staffordshire University London is for those who want to build a career from their passion for games and Player Action (11th September) on the final day is dedicated to fandom which will bring together pro- teams, players, fans and host the new Stack Fest Ulti Cup tournament.

Tickets are now released for the Esports Ambition day 1 where delegates will hear from the leading brands and names on trends, strategy and forecasts as the sector continues its growth trajectory, along with the challenges and opportunities that brings.

Following on from the extended pandemic restrictions Stack Fest will offer the industry an opportunity to meet in-person and grow in a digi-tech space that is Here East and SUL which are set to continue to play a significant role in the growth of UK esports.

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    This event is in the Yard

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