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Join the Here East and Hawkins\Brown hackathon and help us improve the WikiHouse system to make it even more people and planet friendly.

WikiHouse is an entirely open-source system that gives any person, community and business the tools to create low-carbon, low-waste buildings. Join architects and sustainability specialists from Here East, Hawkins\Brown, and WikiHouse’s creators as we run a one-day hackathon to help improve the WikiHouse system and make it even more people and planet friendly.

In particular, we’re looking for people with any of these skills or knowledge:

  • programming/coding/experience creating digital tools - front end, back end, computational design, any language
  • construction
  • architecture/engineering
  • sustainability, particularly embodied carbon
  • previous experience/interest in working with WikiHouse

We kindly request that attendees bring their own laptop to the hackathon. Coffee and lunch will be provided. Please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements.

If you haven't got the above skills quite yet but are interested in learning more, why not join us for the morning rather than the whole day? We'll start with a short talk about Here East and the Wiki-House system which brings digital design and manufacturing together through one interface to help reduce carbon emissions and waste. We’ll also take you on a tour of the cabins at Here East’s the Trampery on the Gantry, designed with WikiHouse by the very people who are using the space.

  1. Location

    This event is in the Press Centre

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