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We are please to welcome our third cohort of Here East’s Scholarship Programme recipients.

Through the Here East Scholarship Programme, three students have been awarded full scholarships to the universities based on our East London campus – Staffordshire University London and the renowned media and performing arts institution, LMA.

Focused on developing the next generation of talent in East London, the programme provides full undergraduate tuition and supporting loan supplements for prospective students living in the four growth boroughs surrounding the campus - Hackney, Newham, Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest - with the students taking up places at Staffordshire University London and renowned media and performing arts institution, LMA.

William Camara from Hackney, Selcuk Kai Zorlu from Newham, and Fawad Mughal from Waltham Forest, have each been awarded a full scholarship of tuition fees and a maintenance loan supplement worth £2,700 per year, as well as facilitation of relevant work experience placements within the Here East business community and mentoring opportunities during the course of the degree.

This programme is open to students currently residing in East London, ensuring that local people are able to reap the many benefits offered by the world-leading education institutions, businesses and individuals that call Here East home.

This is the third year of the scholarship programme. Here East scholars from 2021 and 2022 have successfully finished their first and second year, and are continuing to maximise the opportunity of their education by actively participating at their university programmes and events on campus.


Fawad, who will be studying Cyber Security at Staffordshire University London commented: "A few years ago, I set myself a target to go back to studies, but it was not an easy task, as many challenges were ahead and finding a balance between family life and studies was not easy. I always had a passion for Computer networks and security, and I wanted to do something which could make a difference for myself and for the community. Winning a Cyber Security scholarship at Here East is not just a financial support but also a recognition of my dedication to the field of cybersecurity. I am grateful to Here East for providing me this wonderful opportunity. I am committed to making the most of it by immersing myself in the world of cybersecurity, acquiring valuable knowledge and skills, and contributing to the safety of our digital future."

Selcuk (Kai) Zorlu, who likes acting and writing scripts has been elected to study Acting and Performance at LMA, commented: “I never knew exactly what a scholarship was before applying to my course. After searching and digging into what it was, I now can't even express how grateful I am for this scholarship! It's such a blessing and an opportunity of a lifetime. I feel truly blessed to have the chance to pursue my dreams without worrying about the financial burden.”

William Camara, who will be attending Staffordshire University London to study Computer Game Design, commented: “I was so happy when my first-choice university accepted me to their university and I was even happier when the scholarship committee selected me as this year's scholar. This scholarship will help me get one foot closer to my goal. Fall down seven times, stand up eight times, and never give up on your goal.”

Onaba Payab, Community and Partnership Manager at Here East, comments:

“I am delighted to be working with universities on our campus - including Staffordshire University London and LMA - to remove the barriers to higher education so students from East London can have the opportunity to attend university and fulfil their potential. Our scholars are enjoying the vibrant and dynamic campus of Here East, engaging with industry professionals, and building relationships that will last a lifetime.”

Read more about the Scholarship Programme in our 2022 Impact Report.

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