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Last week we welcomed both the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition to the Here East campus, in the heart of East London, to deliver their priorities for the year ahead.

As the Labour leader pointed out - both statesmen chose to deliver their New Year’s speech a mere 40 metres away from one another - The Prime Minister in our innovation centre, Plexal, and the Leader of the Opposition at UCL’s cutting-edge facility on our campus.

As home to many global technology companies, start-ups, academic institutions and creative businesses, it is evident that both parties were aligned on more than just their choice of venue. Innovation was spearheading both governments' agendas.

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Now more than ever, the UK must prioritise innovation. During his address setting out five pledges for 2023, the Prime Minister stated that innovation is at ‘the heart of everything we do’. The following day, Sir Keir Starmer very much echoed this sentiment in delivering his future-facing rhetoric and vision towards clean energy policies.

As a tech and innovation campus rooted in driving forward the skills of the future in London and across the country, we undoubtedly share this same vision for the future.

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Just over ten years ago the idea for Here East was borne out of a commitment to putting regeneration and innovation in our community first - brought to life through a bid to transform the former Press and Broadcast centre in the London 2012 Olympic Park. An idea built on the ambition to create a network which values collaboration and nurtures growth across all aspects of a business for each and every one of our tenants.

A decade on, Here East has transformed into arguably one of the most successful post-Olympic regeneration projects in the world and one of Europe’s largest innovation hubs.

Naturally, we welcome any and all efforts to position the UK on the map as a forward-thinking and innovative home for business. Innovation, when correctly resourced and funded, is the kingpin of growth.

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It is of no coincidence that we share the vision of both parties for an economy built on innovation. An economy which generates plentiful job opportunities in every constituency nationwide and proactively prepares the next generation to meet the growing demand for digital skills is to be welcomed.

Growth is reliant on change, and change is heavily dependent on collaboration - two principles that underpin everything we do at Here East. Recent research released from Oxford Economics supports this ethos, with data illustrating how Here East had generated close to 10,300 jobs across the UK, sustaining £317 million in wages and contributing £700 million in GVA towards GDP.

What we need now more than ever, is innovation across policy and government action to deliver real and sustained societal and economic change that can challenge global issues and most importantly - transform a nation.

Read more in City AM from Gavin Poole CEO of Here East and Andrew Roughan CEO of Plexal about why our politicians are putting innovation at the heart of government policy. Read the full article here.

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