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Join us for our networking event looking at What is the point of the Metaverse?
Tuesday 31st January 2023 | 5.00pm-7.30pm

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The metaverse no longer just exists in science fiction. It is an evolving phenomenon that is seamlessly integrating into our day to day lives, and providing answers to everyday problems. It revolutionises consumer experiences and streamlines working practices for businesses.

Hosted by Here East, the world-class innovation campus in East London, the event will bring together leaders from business, government, and academia to explore the role the metaverse can play in creating new growth opportunities - from education and gaming to property development and placemaking.

The event will include a keynote from Amber Allen, CEO and Founder of Double A Labs discussing what businesses need to do to embrace the Metaverse.

There will also be a panel hosted by Esther O'Callaghan OBE, founder of with Dr Christina Yan Zhang, CEO at The Metaverse Institute,  Dominic Dunn Principal Lecturer at Teesside University and Orfeo Nicolai, Software Design Director at D-Ford debating what exactly is the point of the Metaverse, and how it can contribute to the economy over the next five years.

If you would like to attend, please email to confirm your place.

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