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Bird, the electric scooter sharing app has today launched a pilot at Here East to ride across the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, the first in the UK. Bird brings an affordable, environmentally friendly transportation solution to the area. For the next three months, people heading from Stratford to Here East will be able to find and book an electric scooter through the Bird app.

Bird is helping to solve ‘the last mile’ problem, where journeys are too short for public transport to be efficient, but too long to walk. Many of these journeys have traditionally taken place in cars adding to congestion and carbon emissions. Bird is giving people an environmentally friendly alternative to taking a car.

Bird’s London offices are located in Plexal, our innovation centre. Bird is part of our community that spans start-ups, global corporates, creative businesses and academic institutions. Committed to promoting collaborative working across sectors, our technology and innovation ecosystem and made us the perfect fit for Bird.

"With London’s infrastructure at capacity, we must turn to new technologies to find innovative solutions to age old problems. Mobility is one of the most exciting sectors for digital disruption and this news is testament to a city that is embracing the future. As London’s fastest growing tech and innovation campus, Bird fits into Here East’s wider vision and we are looking forward to seeing what Bird will bring to our community. With companies such as Ford and UK Disability based here, the conversation around mobility has long been a focal point for Here East, and we are excited to be part of what will hopefully become the next chapter in transport around London."

-Gavin Poole, CEO of Here East

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