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Club Soda’s mission is to create a world where nobody has to feel out of place if they are not drinking. They want to make non-drinking and mindful drinking widely accepted so that everyone feels confident should they want to change their drinking habits. Society can make this easier by making sure that non-drinkers are just as comfortable as drinkers in all social spaces where alcohol is served.

Club Soda do this through designing tools to help people change their drinking habits, guiding people to the best drinks and venues, events and workshops (including pub crawls!) and their Mindful Drinking Festivals.

Innovation means listening. You may be able to identify the problem easily but the solution is often more complicated than we think. Being open to listening and changing what you are doing based on what you hear is radical innovation at work.

Laura Willoughby & Jussi Tolvi, Co-Founder, Director and Behavioural Economist at Club Soda

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