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We proudly hosted the closing ceremony for London Tech Week 2022, London Future: Tech, Creative Arts and Innovation on the Olympic Park last week – welcoming 200 people in-person and hundreds more joining virtually, the official event was also the formal launch of SHIFT, the new innovation district on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

What a way to round up another fantastic London Tech Week. Last week we hosted London Future: Tech, Creative Arts and Innovation on the Olympic Park. We brought the industry together to examine growth opportunity for companies combining digital innovation with creative arts, and provide a platform to the leading experts, pioneers and creatives at the forefront of this movement.

It was a great opportunity to formally launch SHIFT – the new innovation district on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. SHIFT will be London’s living testbed for creating better urban futures. With a mission to solve some of the pressing issues in modern city living, it will drive inclusive innovation in climate adaptation and resilience, health and wellbeing and advanced mobility solutions. The district will bring significant economic value to the area and will drive further job creation in the region.

To mark the occasion we showcased some of the most innovative companies on the Park, including:

  • D-Ford: D-Ford works with Ford to develop and deliver innovative solutions to the transport industry by improving mobility, connectivity and autonomy. D-Ford featured Mach-E, Ford’s first electric passenger vehicle at the showcase.
  • Mumbli: Mumbli is a smart hearing platform promoting wellness through their innovation technologies that can monitor sound quality and health noise levels. They apply their technology in venues to certify their sound systems and ensure they are inclusive for all.
  • Moonhub: Moonhub’s goal is to fight poor quality training through Virtual Reality headsets. Their VR solutions offer teams training programmes that are immersive, effective and innovative.
  • M Squared: M Squared is a developer of laser and quantum technology, led by innovators and serving scientists as well as cutting-edge corporations in a range of sector areas.
  • MOSA: At MOSA is a smart parking infrastructure for bikes. They use patent technology to make parking solutions affordable and efficient in various spaces, and aim to make parking accessible to riders of all backgrounds.
  • UCL Transport Innovation: UCL showcased a full-size branded Toyota vehicle, a hydrogen battery powered fuel cell technology that can act as a breakthrough for transport innovation.

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