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Eight years on from London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics, we are proud to showcase economic and social impact within our community and the local area.

Eight years after London hosted the Olympics and Paralympics, we are proud to share the Here East Impact Report demonstrating the instrumental role of the campus in continued job creation, innovation, and investment, as a result of a post 2012 Olympics vision.

The campus is now home to a community of 4,500 people working and studying on the campus, and attracted 95,678 visitors over the last 12 months, 47,650 of whom attended high-profile events.

As we look back on the successes of the past year, we are pleased to have cemented Here East and Plexal, as London’s fastest-growing cluster for esports, micro-mobility and the creative industries.

With concerns growing about the final cost of the Tokyo Olympics and the impact of the global economic crisis on future host cities Paris, Milan and Los Angeles, the Impact Report is a timely reminder about the positive social and economic results of private-sector investment into Olympic sites.

Engagement with young people through employment and educational support is a key part of this. Here East’s Insights Programme has provided more than 100 local young people with opportunities to engage with businesses in the last 12 months while the London Legacy Development Cooporation’s (LLDC) free EAST Education Summer School welcomed over 400 local 12-17 year olds for to access space and insights into businesses across the campus.

Download the Here East Impact Report

This Impact Report sends a clear message to the rest of the UK and future host cities around the world – the Olympics can be a springboard for entrepreneurial success and a launchpad for innovation with long-term economic and social benefits.

Gavin Poole, CEO of Here East

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