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Here East is supporting Rethink Food to run a educational food project at the nearby Gainsborough Primary School.

Rethink Food Partnership provide an innovative way to deliver food education to children and young people. The team have developed a unique way of working by placing food at the heart of the Sustainable Development Goals and showing children and young people that they can eat to save the planet.

The approach has been well received with participants making healthy and sustainable food choices in support of the planet. One of the school-based programmes is Rethink Food Futures, as part of this work the team introduce soil free, aeroponic growing into classrooms. Pupils begin this project as a scientist, before they become a farmer, then a chef and finally a consumer. This work connects children with healthy, nutritious food.

The new funding from Here East will see Rethink Food Partnership support Gainsborough Primary School in Hackney to access this programme. Over the coming months and years the school will start to grow fresh, nutritious food 52 weeks a year.

Rethink1.jpg Rethink2.jpg

The growing tower is a really interesting concept. We are especially grateful for the support of Here East who have made it possible for us to take part in the project. It will accompany our plants topic perfectly and the children will be really excited about it.

Class Teacher, Gainsborough Primary School

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