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Plykea chooses Here East as the home for their new London flagship design studio, workshop and kitchen showroom space.

Plykea is a company challenging the status quo of kitchen design, creating stylish plywood cabinet fronts and worktops for IKEA Metod kitchens. Last year Plykea also launched their first standalone product versatile enough to work throughout your entire home, Ürtil, a modular shelving system.

Their innovative designs elevate fixtures to give customers the bespoke handmade kitchens at good value.

The new workspace at Here East will service the entire spectrum of their business operations, providing a design studio for light industrial manufacturing and assembly, as well as a high-spec innovative showcase environment for customers.

Plykea has had a long relationship with Here East. A team from Plykea was based within Plexal, the innovation centre on the campus, to drive innovation and collaboration with the startups and innovators within the Here East community.

With the return of Plykea to Here East, the design firm will join a fast-growing creative cluster that includes companies reimagining design through pioneering technology, such as Hobs 3D, the world-leading UCL Bartlett School of Architecture, alongside the community of artists, designers and creatives based at The Trampery on the Gantry. The campus will also be home to the upcoming V&A East Research and Collections Centre, a project with design at its heart, from the contemporary architecture of the new archives to the artefacts it will house.

As a business local to Here East, Plykea is exactly the sort of company that Here East was designed to support. Here East launched with a commitment to become a ‘home for makers’ and encourage job creation and economic growth for businesses and the local community in East London.

Innovation in the design is something we are very passionate about at Here East – from architecture to 3D printing and so we are delighted that Plykea has chosen to come and join our community.

Gavin Poole, CEO of Here East

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