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Today marks a major milestone for us - as we announce that Teesside University has chosen Here East as the home of its new London campus. Academic institutions will fuel the talent pipeline to serve the tech and creative sectors, and we are thrilled to welcome an institution defined by innovation and technological excellence.

Here East is home to a number of global technology companies, start-ups, academic institutions and creative businesses, including Staffordshire University London, LMA, UCL, and Loughborough University London. Today’s news bolsters the number of universities and students already based on campus and adds to the roster of universities that participate in our Scholarship programme - an important part of our offering and a scheme we are proud of.

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Teesside University already has a global presence through partnerships in Africa, Europe, and South Asia, and this London campus will only strengthen its reputation for innovation and technology.

Teesside’s East London base will:

  • Bring in-demand subjects to new markets, equipping the country with the skills for the workforce of tomorrow, while a flexible delivery model will combine face-to-face and online learning.
  • Offer courses such as Business, Computer Games & Animation and Computer Science Teesside and provide the next generation with the skills necessary for the global digital economy.
  • With an initial focus on digital technologies and enterprise, Teesside University London capitalises on the University’s strengths in animation and games design and directly links the thriving digital cluster of Middlesbrough, with existing partners based in London.
  • The London campus will provide a gateway for Teesside University students to access the opportunities of the UK’s capital, levelling-up opportunity and supporting their future success.

From our community to yours - welcome to Here East, Teesside University.

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