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The creative industries have become an integral fixture of East London’s identity, fostering both economic and socio-cultural growth. This is also true of the broader national picture, with the UK's creative industries sector contributing £109 billion to the economy in 2021, according to the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS).

Honing in on the capital, the sector is driving vital job creation across London - with 1 in 6 jobs in the creative economy.

This is one of the founding principles of Here East - to drive job creation and meaningful careers in one of London’s historically underserved communities. From fashion, gaming and visual arts to music, TV, radio and film - Here East is proud to be home to these businesses that are the beating heart of the UK's creative economy.

London remains a destination for some of the world’s most lauded creative businesses, entrepreneurs and cultural events. East London is the prime example of this case. Closer to home, we are proud to host a number of visionary businesses in the industry on our campus. From luxury fashion retailer MatchesFashion, to cultural institution V&A East - to the innovative cinematography lenses of Hawk London - the region has evolved into an epicentre of creativity with a diverse tapestry of talent and businesses.

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Historically, East London has always been a home for making. From an industrial heartland, to a hub of innovation - which has been driven in significant part by the creative economy - East London's cultural diversity can be seen through its creative endeavours that foster a unique global identity for the area.

Collaborations between higher education institutions and creative businesses on site create opportunities for hands-on learning and jobs of the future. Renowned performing arts institution LMA has recently expanded their space by 52,363 sq ft on our campus. This is evidence of the considerable growth in popularity of performing arts, music and creative as a higher education pathway.

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