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Bicycle giveaway for full participation in a Pro Bike Service and UCL collaborative research study, measuring impact of cycling on mental and physical wellbeing.

Pro Bike Service CIC are a Community Partner of UCL and have just commenced a 12-week research project around the impact of cycling as a non-clinical health intervention. Pro Bike Service are already building bikes and aiming to be ready in a couple weeks.

This is a great opportunity for adults who do not currently cycle, though may have cycled when younger, to get involved with this collaborative research study, measuring impact of cycling on mental and physical wellbeing.

All bikes, mostly built from abandoned or stolen-recovered stock gifted by Here East and Park Security, will have been fully serviced and custom built by the Cytech-certified mechanics at Pro Bike Service.

This research project is a small validation pilot, 25 people, but will be leveraged to help even more people get into cycling. Participants will be required to feedback on outcome measures throughout, most likely once a week for the duration of 6 months through a simple online form, as well as participating in short pre-and-post-interviews.

The project would particularly like to gift bikes to people who genuinely face barriers to cycling, whether financial or otherwise. Pro Bikes Service believe cycling is for everyone and our social enterprise is all about removing barriers to health, wellbeing and education in an inclusive way. The main criteria is that participants have not or do not currently cycle.

Pro Bikes Service will also help participants connect with local ride training or competence schemes, however ride training is not included. Bikes must be collected from a workshop on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Get in touch with Lawrence for more information.

I started cycling aged 33 following a serious car accident. I’m fitter now in my 40’s than I was in my 20’s and I’ve heard numerous other transformational cycling stories.

Lawrence Mohammed, CEO and Founder, Pro Bike Service CIC

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