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As the first month of 2024 comes to an end, we sat down with Here East CEO Gavin Poole and Here East COO Mike Magan for their thoughts on what the year ahead has in store.

From reflecting on the most memorable milestones of 2023 to the opportunities, challenges, and new trends emerging in 2024, read below to discover their predictions for the year ahead.

Looking back on the last year, what are your most memorable highlights from Here East in 2023?

Gavin: “A particular highlight of 2023 was welcoming political leaders from across the spectrum to Here East, as they chose our campus as a dynamic backdrop to share ideas and engage with the nation.”

“Having a military background myself, I was also hugely proud to sign the Armed Forces Covenant, committing Here East’s support to those who have served, and their families.”

“We were also thrilled to welcome new tenants to our campus. Many exciting businesses call Here East home and it was fantastic to add pioneering companies, such as cinematography industry leaders, Hawk London and world-class educational institution, Teesside University London to the campus.”

Mike: “The new intake of students at the world-class universities on our campus, including the third cohort of scholars from our neighbouring boroughs into the Here East Scholarship Programme, stands out as a memorable moment of 2023.”

“I was also thrilled to see our Future Talks series continue; bringing experts and leading voices from the world of business, government and academia to speak about the issues shaping tomorrow’s world and collaborate with our community of innovators.”

“Another event which was a particular highlight, was our ‘Diversity in Tech’ event alongside Russ Shaw CBE, founder of Tech London Advocates & Global Tech Advocates as well as Hackney Council, helping break down the barriers to careers in the tech sector.”

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Gazing ahead, what are you looking forward to at Here East in 2024?

Gavin: “I’m excited to see our diverse and creative community grow and evolve further this year, as businesses on our campus continue to fit out their spaces and new innovators choose Here East as their home for creative expression, connection with like-minded people, and development of the technologies shaping tomorrow’s industries.”

Mike: “I’m excited to see our Future Talk series evolve; highlighting and nurturing talent; collaborating with industry experts; fostering our partnership with International Association of Science Park (IASP) – the list goes on.

Beyond the campus, what particular opportunities and challenges do you see shaping wider society or defining global trends this year?

Gavin: “The immersive technology revolution holds vast potential in catalysing positive impact. I look forward to exploring the potential applications of this emerging technology further, remaining at the forefront of developments in this area.”

Mike: “We’ll see a lot of important elections this year, investment into UK innovation, and economic growth. I hope to see our leaders understanding the importance of fostering business and technology in this country and that political platforms will reflect the ambitions for the UK to become a world leader in technology.”

Which emerging technologies are you most excited about in 2024?

Gavin: “The growth of AI. It will continue to grow rapidly this year at an accelerated rate. I’m particularly interested in the evolving dynamic between AI and the entertainment industry, exploring how technology is changing it for the good and the bad. This will be the focus of our upcoming Future Talks event, “Is Technology Killing Entertainment?” on 27th February.”

Mike: “I’d have to agree with Gavin. I’m excited to see how the AI landscape continues to change over the next year. I hope to see the government supporting the growth of AI as a force for good. From a Here East point of view, I’m looking forward to exploring our virtual twin, inviting people from all over the globe to visit our vibrant campus.”

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If you could choose three words to describe your hopes for the year ahead – what would they be?

Gavin: “Growth. Transformation. Collaboration.”

Mike: “Partnership. Inclusivity. Talent.”

We look forward to another landmark year at Here East!

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